About Space Duck

Space Duck is a blog about decentralized storage. It covers different technologies in this space, including Sia, Storj, and Filecoin.

This blog focuses on the technical aspects of these technologies and not the trading activity of the associated cryptocurrencies. It will include tutorials, software reviews, and experiments with decentralized storage tools.

About the author

Michael Lynch is a blogger, developer, and cryptocurrency enthusiast. He began contributing to Sia in 2015 and remains one of its top third-party contributors. He is also one of the least relevant third-party contributors to Storj.

Before creating Space Duck in 2018, Michael wrote frequently about Sia on his personal blog.


Michael Lynch holds no investments in any cryptocurrencies, though he generally keeps a few hundred US dollars’ worth of Siacoin on hand for experiments related to this blog. In the interest of preserving the site’s honesty and integrity, Michael does not accept payment for any Space Duck content.

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